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Drzewo Liść-verb
Liść-verb is a great effect for creating space. From simple ambience or suggesting a sounds physical boundaries to other wordly effects.This humble delay/reverb plugin can be used aggressively or with sensitivity. The incoming audio signal can be routed to the pre-out filter or directly to the output. the signal sent to the effect section can also be sent completely dry or through the first filter. This is then fed into the reverb and delay section which also includes another pre-out filter. Simple in construction and operation but full of character and depth. Automating filter cutoff, delay rate or reverb width and size are certainly the order of the day.
The new features in version 1.0.3 allow for greater flexibility in controlling the input signal and combined reverb, delay signal.
The track below features Liść-verb and Liść-delay extensively to create space and depth.

(Liść-verb is currently available in 32 bit VST format for windows only.)

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