We all love filters, and we all love modulating them. Lisc-step has been designed with simplicity in mind to get results fast. Capable of adding dynamic movement to pads, beats, basslines, vocals or whatever you wish to run through it lisc-step offers great flexibilty quickly and efficiently. it comprises of a simple state variable filter. The filter pitch can be modulated in two ways, via the 16 step sequencer, low frequency oscillator or both working together to create long sweeping and choppy progessions. Liść-step was used to modulate some of the lead lines in the tracks below.

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Drzewo Lisc-step review in issue 95 of Beat magazine.

Rated 4.5/6

"This filter plug-in particularly impresses through the combination of a LFO and step sequencer. Both Modulation sources can be independently regulated in pace and modulation intensity, so that through their interaction very complex filter modulations are possible."


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