ADHDidi additive synthesizer is available for free download throughout July and August from the saltline facebook page.
ADHDidi was also given to all entrants of OSC64. One synth challenge is a monthly competition challenging entrants to write an idea track using as many instances of one virtual instrument as they wish. Swierk was chosen for OSC64, a great honour for saltline (considering I do enjoy taking part myself from time to time).

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ADHDidi featured on the cover disc of music tech magazine #130.
"A unique additive synthesizer that lets you control 16 sine waves to build up rich and resonant sounds. Features include cascade sync, individual envelopes for the pitch and volume of each sine, a low-pass/high-pass filter, built in delay effects and more.”
ADHDidi was created as an exclusive download for saltline facebook fans available through November and December 2013.