Drzewo Liść-delay V1.0.2 now available to download.
Liść-delay has been updated to V1.0.2 and is now available to download. This update has many new features including the following:-
New user interface
Input filter LFO
Delay offset (sync/free)
Effect bypass
Simple preset manager
Larger preset bank. (Check the preset page and Liść-verb’s info page for more details).
View option changes waveform text to symbols.
The free download can be found here.
Tutorial videos and sound demos can be found on our youtube and soundcloud pages.
Liść-delay free preset pack ‘corners’ will be available soon from the presets page consisting of 32 presets.
All drzewo effects are currently being updated, check back soon for more information or sign up to the mailing list.

Drzewo Brzoza in Bedroomproducersblog top 20 free VST of 2013 article.
We were honoured to hear that our FM synthesizer “Drzewo Brzoza” was included in bed roomproducers blog’s top 20 free VST of 2013 article. To be in the same list as some amazing developers and VST companies was humbling to say the least. We are due to update Brzoza soon along with updates for our entire range of VST instruments and effects.
ADHDidi featured on the cover disc of music tech magazine #130.
"A unique additive synthesizer that lets you control 16 sine waves to build up rich and resonant sounds. Features include cascade sync, individual envelopes for the pitch and volume of each sine, a low-pass/high-pass filter, built in delay effects and more.”
ADHDidi was created as an exclusive download for saltline facebook fans available through November and December 2013.
Copyrght © saltline 2014
Daniel Stawczyk ‘Thirty for Swierk’ presets.
Following on from Daniel’s excellent ‘Thirty for Brzoza’ free preset pack he has kindly created ‘Thirty for Swierk’. Like Daniel’s previous sound design for saltline’s drzewo synthesizers, thirty for Swierk is available for free download from his website. These presets give a great demonstration of the possible classic sounds and tones that can be created with saltline’s subtractive synthesizer.
Corners free preset pack for Liść-delay.
‘Corners’ is a free preset pack/bank for Liść-delay consisting of 31 presets covering a range of atmospheres and delay effects from comb filtering to simple ambiences. ‘Corners’ for Liść-verb will also be available soon. Head over to the preset page (saltline) to download ‘Corners’.